Extended Day Program

Welcome to Council's Extended Day Program

Thank you for your interest in Council's Extended Day Program. If you have further questions after reading the FAQs below please call: Jana Renegar, Extended Day Director at 221-1137.

Extended Day FAQs...

  1. What is Extended Day? The Extended Day program is an academic program that assists students and teachers in achieving learning goals. We have an Academic Teacher and an Extended Day teacher that assists in homework, projects, and CARP.
  2. What is Extended Day's Discipline Policy? We follow the same guidelines for rules as Council Traditional School.
  3. What are Extended Day hours? We are open from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm. every day school is in session. All students not picked up by 6:00 will be subject to late fees and /or withdrawal from the program. Due to limited space we cannot accept "drop ins" nor just am/pm students. If a student is in Extended Day their "spot" is available from 6:00 till 6:00 whether it is needed or not.
  4. What is payment? Payment for Extended Day is received weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with all payments due the Friday before the upcoming period. *All late payments will be charged $5 past due fee per week. We accept checks, cash, and money orders.
  5. What is the dismissal policy? All students are signed out/ dismissed through the Extended Day office. Only adults on the student's emergency card with a valid driver's license will be allowed to sign out your child.